Buckhead Kidz exists to make the love of God known to children and their families, and to see children become lifelong disciples of Christ. To accomplish these tasks, Buckhead Kidz is committed to being:
  1. Biblical- Everything we do will be done with the desire to help our children grow in their knowledge of God’s Word so that they might grow in their knowledge of God. We are committed to teaching children the value of God’s word in their lives.
  2. Family Oriented- We believe that God has designed the family to be the best place for a child to come to know Christ. We are committed to being a partner who equips families to disciple their children, and to make sure that those children who do not have families involved in a relationship with Christ are surrounded by loving adults who will model what it means to be a growing Christian.
  3. Engaging- No matter what age or what background a child comes from, Buckhead Kidz ministries strives to engage children where they are through creative, exciting, and fun programming so that children might understand the excitement of a life devoted to Christ.

Sunday Mornings

At 9:45am our children begin to their Sunday School classes. Our current curriculum is Rock Solid. While our preschool and elementary aged children are engaged in their lessons and activities, our smallest children enjoy the wonderful care and love of our nursery workers, who are fully trained to take care of our youngest blessings. Our children are taken into the worship center from 11:00am to appropriately 11:15am for the Children’s Moment. Afterwards they return to their designated classrooms to continue their classes.


The safety of our children is one of our highest priorities at Buckhead Baptist. We are committed to taking the extra steps necessary to ensure that every child and parent feels safe when they walk through our doors. Every childcare worker, teacher, and volunteer goes through state and federal background checks.