Our Baptist Identity

Buckhead Baptist Church is missionally affiliated with both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We are a mainline, moderate Baptist Church with both conservative and liberal leanings. These “leanings” are dependent on the particular issues at hand. While we appreciate the merits of pre-formulated systematic theologies, we believe that the Christian faith must be worked out in the gray areas of real life. This requires both a spirit of conviction and a spirit of humility. And above all it requires a deep-seated spirit of compassion and love for all of God’s children. We are more concerned with being the hands and feet of Christ as we partner with God to redeem this world, than we are with being “right” in our theology and doctrine. Buckhead Baptist Church is identified through triune lenses: Our allegiance to God, our faithfulness to Jesus, and our heritage as Baptists. The power behind these “lenses” is God’s Holy Spirit.

 A God-Centered Church

God is revealed in four primary ways (the Holy Spirit can and should be actively engaged in all four areas):
  • The Bible—God’s Revelation through His inspired Word.
  • Tradition—God’s Revelation through men and women in the past.
  • The Natural World—God’s Revelation through the natural world.
  • Personal Experience—God’s Revelation through our lives.
The faculty of reason plays a role in each four vehicles of revelation.

A Jesus-Focused Church

God’s greatest and clearest revelation is found in the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus Christ is the lens through which we view all things:
  • The Bible
  • Tradition
  • The Natural World
  •  Personal Experience

An Authentic Baptist Church (faithful to its Baptist Heritage)

  • 1609: John Smyth—First Baptist Church (Amsterdam)
  • 1611: Thomas Helwys—First Baptist Church (England)
  • 1638: Roger Williams—First Baptist Church (America)
  • 1927: Buckhead Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA)

Four-Fold Baptist Commitment to Freedom:

  • Freedom of Religion—free to choose whether to practice our religion, another religion, or no religion at all.
  • Freedom of Church—freedom of the local church from outside interference, whether government or civilian.
  • Freedom of Soul—the soul is competent before God, and capable of making decisions in matters of faith without coercion or compulsion by any larger religious or civil body
  • Freedom of Bible—free to interpret the Bible for ourselves, using the best tools of scholarship and biblical study available.

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