Our Core Values

Core Values are the filter through which we do ministry and make decisions.

We Value Jesus

“Jesus Matters to our Daily Lives” Am I following Jesus daily?

We Value Application of Scripture

“Teaching is for Life-Change” Are my priorities consistent with Scripture?

We Value Growth

“Real followers of Jesus Grow” Am I growing in my relationship with God and others?

We Value Groups

“Growing Larger and Smaller at the Same Time” Am I in a Growth Group?

We Value Service

“Ever Member is a Minister” Am I serving through the church at least one hour a month?

We Value Relevance

“Changing Methods…Unchanging Message” Am I living out my faith in the real world?

We Value Unity and Diversity

“Focusing on the Things that Unite Us, Not the Things that Divide Us” Am I speaking positively about my church at every opportunity?

We Value People

“People Matter to God” Am I investing in and inviting others to church? Am I sharing my faith?

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